L. A. Perry (1997)

L. A. Perry (1997)


  • Wood: European maple and spruce
  • Type of Varnish: oil
  • Size: Body length - 410mm
               Upper bouts - 195mm
               Middle bouts - 130mm
               Lower bouts - 242mm
  • Strings: A string is Larsen and D, G, C strings are Helicore

  • Condition: excellent - no cracks or seams, no damage, no repairs, new fingerboard

  • Sound: sweet, mellow tone and excellent playability

  • Violin maker: L. A. Perry is an experienced English maker.

  • Accessories: Ebony fitting. Viola comes with shape foam case and viola bow.
  • All of our instruments are professionally setup in our shop and are able to be played immediately.

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 L. A. Perry (1997) 16" $3700.00 In Stock